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Anabasis EP flash drive


Image of Anabasis EP flash drive

My debut EP, Anabasis, came out on Feb 16th! You can buy all 4 songs on this flash drive here online, at a show, or on itunes/ bandcamp / whatever when it comes out!

The bracelet is a monogramed slap and includes the following
-Album art for Anabasis
-Single art for Scars
-Single art for Monsters
-Scars- single
-Monsters- single
-Anabasis (four song EP) consisting of:
Letters to the Hospital
-Album booklet with illustrations and lyrics to each song
-a track list poster, as well as a poster for each of the other tracks
-my eternal love for you

In addition to being sold online, i'll be selling these at shows, check out my facebook page + events to see if you're free for anything that's coming up!

so much love from me + I hope anyone who buys the EP enjoys it! xx